Frequently Asked Questions

The Flexi-Tile range is injection moulded from 100% recyclable PVC.

Flexi-Tile only uses base materials that meet strict European manufacturing and ecological standards. The standards relate to performance, product quality and resulting impact on our environment. Flexi-Tile flooring possess a range of quality accreditations and certifications, some of which include 

REACH compliant

RoHS compliant

Standard Slip Resistance R10

Bfl-S1 Reaction to Fire Performance Class

ISO 9001 Quality Standard

ISO 14001 Environmental Standard

Please use our tile calculator on each product page.

Please note that due to production variances light grey tiles do not interlock with their grey and/or black counterparts.

Flexi-Tiles are exclusively for indoor use, with the exception of the Lockmat Open, which is designed for both indoor and outdoor use (perfect for areas that experience excessive moisture and liquid overflow).

Generally yes. Flexi-Tiles are extremely resistant to compression marks caused by such items as car jacks, engine hoists, cabinets, tables etc.

Staining may occur from car or motorcycle tires. This is the consequence of a chemical reaction between plasticizers that are used in many rubber products and in the PVC of the floor. The stain is yellow/brown and on grey or black floor tiles.

There are special sealants which counteract this problem. For example the PU Anticolor by the company CC-Dr. Schutz GmbH, or any other manufacturer with the same product.

Flexi-Tiles are made from PVC, hence their resistance to most liquids and chemicals. However, any spill or splash should be cleaned without waiting.

Flexi-Tile is a 100% recyclable and 100% reusable product. Flexi-Tile does not require removal of existing flooring, therefore, minimizes waste and dust and reduces the use of landfills. At the end of its service life, the Flexi-Tile tiles can be lifted and granulated for recycling and manufacturing into recycled products.

The grey and black tiles may have some imperfections and some shade variations between tiles and batches. However they have the same technical properties as our light grey tiles.


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Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Flexi-Tile tiles are quick and easy to install. For more detailed information please consult our installation guide which can be found here.

Yes, you can install over old flooring. Flexi-Tile can be installed over virtually any existing substrate including timber, concrete, resin, quarry tiles, terrazzo and linoleum as well as damp floors, subfloors with no damp proof membrane (any moisture will evaporate up through the joints). However, carpet should be removed in advance. The subfloor should be clean, flat and firm. Flexi-Tile provides an easy, rapid solution to covering damaged and contaminated floors and is an extremely resilient, ergonomic flooring system. For more detailed information please consult our installation guide.

Normally it is sufficient to simply sweep. Clear the work area of free-standing equipment, and ensure that the floor has been swept clean of any loose debris and any high points removed. Any major cracks or holes should be filled prior to installing the tiles. Long-related uneven floors are not a problem because the tiles will adapt themselves to the contour of the floor surface. For more detailed information please consult our installation guide.

Yes, a sharp knife with a heavy blade (4.5mm-5mm tiles) / jig saw or band saw (7mm-10mm tiles). For more detailed information please consult our installation guide

For a standard floor of approx. 35 m2, it takes about 2-3 hours, including ancillary works. An experienced floor layer can install a space of around 200 square meters and more during the day.

Under normal conditions Flexi-Tiles are not glued to the substrate and can, therefore, be loosely laid (floating). For applications with high dynamic point loads, or in areas subject to strong, direct sunlight or high-temperature fluctuations, the use of an adhesive may be required. We recommend in this case to purchase our adhesive. For more detailed information when to glue down the Flexi-Tiles please consult our installation guide.

Different temperatures affect PVC tiles. In cold conditions the tiles become less pliable and in hotter environments they become more flexible and subject to expansion. Please note where tiles are in direct exposure to sunlight or intense heat we recommend gluing them down.  At very low temperatures the hard PVC can become brittle and can fracture with heavy impact. For more detailed information please consult our installation guide.

Very little! You can clean your Flexi-Tile flooring with a simple brush to remove debris and everyday dirt. If you need to remove more stubborn dirt, simply use everyday floor cleaner, or purchase our specialist Flexi-Tile Floor Cleaner. A mop is fine to use. Remove stains immediately since certain types of stains settle into the flooring as they age and can then only be removed with difficulty or are impossible to remove.

The interlocking joints of Flexi-Tile are a tight fit but they cannot be classed as waterproof, however, any ingress of moisture would evaporate up through the joints. If you do not want that liquids spill under the floor the Flexi-Tile floor must be glued down to the subfloor.

If you have any further questions, please contact us here.