Home Garage Refurbishment

This homeowner was looking for a flooring solution for his double garage – he wanted to cover the existing dusty concrete floor and also install the tiles himself. 

Having discovered the new Flexi-Tile online shop, Mark contacted us through our new website and provided details of his requirements via our handy online messaging service. We recommended a bespoke package suited to his requirements. 

The tiles used for this refurbishment project were the 5mm standard tile as the garage is mainly used to park his car and other storage needs. As the garage was a standard 35m, Mark opted for the Double Garage pack.  

Having received the tiles quickly after placing his order online, the customer was able to complete the job himself without the need for professional installation. 

What a difference! The tiles have created a spacious light feel to the area and look much cleaner compared to the original concrete floor which collected a lot of dust. Mark is delighted with the results. "I couldn't be more impressed, really good quality tiles and simple to install. It took around 4 hours to install for a double garage. The finish is excellent!